Aircraft Equipment Options


The MD500 series of helicopters are widely regarded as the aircraft of choice for highly specialized operations. The compact dimensions as well as the five bladed rotor system make for a very stable and highly manoeuverable aircraft.

With over twenty years experience operating the MD500D helicopter, Oceanview Helicopters has a large supply of spare parts as well as a large amount of operations gear specifically designed for the 500D.

All our aircraft are equipped with Satellite phones and Latitude Technologies Skynode Tracking System as well as iPads with “Foreflight” Electronic Flight Bag.

Options and configurations available for the MD 500D listed below.

MD 500D Specifications

MD 500D Baggage Pod

Easy ON/OFF installation. Provisions to allow for external loads or to close out completely.

MD 500D Seating Options

Standard bench Seat / Folding Bench Seat / Single Seat(s)

MD 500D Fargo Auxiliary Fuel Tank

MD 500D Tracor Litter Kit

Our MD500D, C-GPGE is equipped with a Tracor Litter Kit. This allows for the transportation of one patient on a stretcher, with an attendant in the back as well.

Animal Capture, Photo/Video Step

The step, Oceanview designed and Transport Canada approved, provides a flat and sturdy platform to allow various tasks to be carried out with ease.